Boils on the skin can be very painful, especially when the area is infected. There are different types of boils on the skin; there are the ice pick, fever blister and red bumps. The type of treatment that you will need to use depends on what kind of boils on the skin you have. If you want to get rid of the boils on the skin then you will need to find a remedy that works fast.

painful boils

Ice Pick – this type of boils on the skin develops because of stress, illness or a reaction to an external agent. To get rid of the boils quickly, you should apply directly onto the infected skin. All you have to do is apply the cream on the area twice a day. You can also wash your hands after applying the solution as the milk will act as a cleanser for your hands.

To relieve yourself from the pain caused by the boils, you can apply an ice pack and then wrap it in a cloth to stop the irritation.

Fever Blister – this occurs on young girls who have just finished having their monthly menstrual cycle. For treatment of this type of boils on the skin, you will have to find the black seed.

The black seed is known to have many healing properties. You can apply onto the boil twice a day and then wash your face with warm water after finishing the application. This treatment should be done twice a day so that you can obtain maximum results.

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Red Bumps – this type of boils on the skin occurs because of a bacterial infection. In this case, the treatment that your doctor may suggest is antibiotics. You should therefore make sure that you treat any infection that you may have promptly.

There are many different antibiotic creams that you can apply onto the affected area. Before you start any treatment, you should ensure that you consult your doctor.

Neem Leaves – this is one of the most popular natural treatments for boils on the skin. You can use the neem leaves to rinse the affected area. You can then apply the paste directly onto the boils. You can also buy neem leaves and make a paste from them.

Hot Pepper Powder – this method involves using hot pepper powder and mixing it with water. You can then spread the hot powder onto the affected areas and let it stand for some time before rinsing with water. You can do this three times daily until the boils clear up.

painful boils

This treatment helps eliminate the pus from the boils faster.

Clean Cloth Pads – you can take clean cloth pads and apply directly onto the infected skin. You can then sit with it on for about fifteen minutes before removing it. You should then apply cold compress to the affected area.

Olive Oil – apply Olive oil directly onto the boil for a couple of minutes before washing it off with water. This treatment will keep the area clean and dry. You can also use this method three times per day to speed up the treatment of boils on the skin.

This treatment helps to eliminate the infection and reduces the pain caused by the boils. The olive oil also reduces the inflammation.

Hot Peppers – boil a handful of hot peppers and place it on a table and allow it to boil for several times throughout the day. This method will also help eliminate the boils.

Take clean cloth pads and apply directly onto the boil. You can then sit with it on for about fifteen minutes before removing it. You should also apply cold compress to the infected area. This treatment helps reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain.

Milk Poultice – apply milk poultice to the boil and allow it to cool overnight. You can then wrap it in a clean cloth and store it in the fridge for several days before applying it to the boils on the skin. You can also apply warm water and mix it with milk to make a poultice for application on the affected part of the body.

Tea Tree Oil – boils a tablespoon of fresh hot water and add a quarter teaspoon of pure tea tree oil. You can then apply it directly onto the boils and let it steep for about twenty minutes before you use it.

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Tea tree oil helps eliminate the virus as well as killing the bacteria that causes the infection. You can also add turmeric powder and lemon juice to the boiled milk and drink this during the night to ensure that the boils are gone the next day.

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